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two sides wheel stage machine--jumbo fireworks

two sides wheel stage machine

    Item No:ELT 02R
Class:Special Equipements

ELT02R  Firing System Introduction


ELT 02R is the two sides wheel stage machine, can fire 6 pieces fountains one time, easy to use. The machine is at study style, so you can use one remote to control many machines .It can fire 6-8picecs igniters connecting in series with 1 port.

Using Method:

A. open the cover under the machine, put 8 pieces NO.5 battery inside, turn on the power, the light of the power is red, it means the machine is normal and can use, if the light is not bright ,It means there is something wrong with the machine.

B. product connecting test: connect the products in series, left to left clip and right to right clip, please pay attention, do not make the cable twists and turns, so that when the machine rotation can take out automatically

C. remote control

A fire two sides B Rotation left   C Rotation right   D stop

D. Change the control number(do not connect the products):find the red button and press the button, when you see the light will be flick and then press the A of the remote longer time ,when the power light stop flicking ,it means it succeed.



1 .Please do not shake incept box violently, when no need use it . 

2. When you connect the product well, do not touch the clip of the safety igniter in order to not fire the fireworks because of the static electricity.

3. Please take the cell out when no use products, for prevent defile incept box.

4. Please don’t place the product in the damp, sour ,alkali and pollution environment

5. The remote designed by the rolling controlled number, with this remote, the receive will not be controlled by other remote in 1 million, but also maybe appear. when connecting the fireworks ,make sure your body far away the exit of the fireworks ,after connecting ,far away the fireworks and take care yourself.