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SEQUENCEFIRE 20--jumbo fireworks


    Item No:FSC2012
Class:Firing System


Our new Sequencefire  20 and 40 Cue Wireless Firing System is CE and FCC Certified, and represents the newest technology in consumer fireworks firing systems. And when combined with our Falcon igniters, you can put on a dramatic fireworks display just like the pros - at a fraction of the cost. Plus you get to watch your displays just like your guests! Now there is no longer any reason to hand light your displays. Do it like the pros at a fraction of the cost!


This convenient system is extremely reliable and has many benefits of more expensive professional systems:

· CE and FCC Certified

· The range from the remote to the field module is about 350 feet (+/-) depending on surroundings

· This system has extremely high sensitivity with excellent ant jam performance. It is extremely reliable and easy to use.

· The RF transmission between the remote and receiver is very secure. The receiver will respond only to the specific transmitter it has been assigned. For safety and security, each receiver can store the code of only one transmitter at a time.

· Any number of receivers can be programmed to work with one transmitter, allowing a single transmitter to fire multiple receivers simultaneously.


· Transmitters come with an on/off switch for added safety and security. You cannot inadvertently fire a cue with the remote power switch in the off position. Turn the remote power on only when ready to fire.

· Field module receiver has a 3-position switch for TEST, FIRE, and power OFF. There is also a key switch for added security. The system cannot be operated without the key switch turned on.

· Five Firing Modes: (1) Instant On-Demand firing of individual cues in any order. (2) STEP firing of cues in order by pressing the STEP button, (3) Timed sequence firing with all time delays between cues set equivalently, (4) Timed sequence firing with the time delay between cues set to arbitrary delays, (5) ALL fire mode where all cues fire at once.

· Programmable Sequencer: Each time delay between cues can be set anywhere between .1 second and 99.9 seconds.

· "Sequence Link": Sequencefire 20 and 40 modules can be connected together using standard duplex wire allowing one module to transmit the START command to the next module in sequence once the sequence completes on the first module. This capability allows you to expand your system to an almost infinite number of cues when firing in timed sequence mode.

· Circuit Overload Protection: The Sequencefire 20 and 40 contains circuit overload protection, so even if there is a short circuit in the wiring of one of your cues, the cue will not overload or be damaged.

· Dual power capable. The field module is powered by an internal rechargeable battery. Plus you can connect our optional external sealed lead acid (SLA) battery using the included alligator clip wire.